Mushroom lamps: the 70s lamp trend making a comeback | Better Homes and Gardens

2022-09-03 03:42:15 By : Mr. Lucas He

It’s been five decades since the Murano mushroom lamp appeared in Italian homes, bhe Fungi-shaped light is still a popular choice in homes around the world.  

While the original lamp was crafted in the 70s from Murano glass and is a little hard to come by these days, many people are settling for replicas. 

In fact, earlier this year, Kmart brought out a mushroom lamp replica (the Amelie table lamp, $35) that has since sold out everywhere. 

While it says it will be back online soon, we imagine it will be tricky to get your hands on.

For anyone interested in purchasing a Fungi replica of their own, we’ve rounded up five of them.

If you're after a real Murano glass mushroom lamp, there are a couple of things to look out for:

The table lamp is sure to spice up any area within your living space with a matte metal finish. Shop here.

This cute little table lamp in coloured glass enhances the mood throughout the home – and fits on the smallest shelf or tabletop. Shop here.

The mushroom lamp has a unique shape and soft light, suitable for bedroom, living room and office use. Shop here.

With a sophisticated design, this 40cm fern-coloured metal table lamp creates an atmosphere to suit your room. Shop here.

The mushroom lamp, with hand-blown white striped glass, will make the perfect addition to any room. Shop here. 

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