GOVEE Smart Wifi Dehumidifier Review

2022-07-30 04:53:31 By : Mr. Henry Wang

Once you start using a dehumidifier, you will never again want to live without one—especially during the summer months.

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You won’t truly appreciate the benefits of using a solid dehumidifier until you have run one for a while and then you stop. It will happen one day when you were too busy to dump out the little, unassuming appliance’s reservoir, or maybe when you get home after a few days away for work or a vacation, or maybe if there’s a power outage for a few hours. You’ll notice your home feeling a bit damper and clammier; it will be a bit warmer; it might even smell a bit… close.

“What’s going on here?” you’ll wonder. “Why is my home, a space that’s always so pleasantly cool, dry, and odor-free suddenly damp and dank and rank?”

OK, you may not use that exact phrasing or wonder thoughts quite so specific to dehumidification, but still, you get the point: once you start running a dehumidifier during the warm, humid summer months, it will become as essential a home appliance as your fan or air purifier. (And by the way, those three together, a fan, air purifier, and a dehumidifier, make a powerful triumvirate for indoor air quality and comfort!)

If you’re sold on the idea of cooler, drier air and reduced indoor odors—not to mention the reduction of conditions hospitable to mold and mildew growth—then an excellent dehumidifier to consider is the Govee Smart WiFi 50 Pint unit. Why this one? I’ll break it down using the unit’s name itself.

Govee Smart WiFi 50 Pint Dehumidifier

First, Govee makes great electronics in general—I know that because I use their desk lamp, their strip lights, and a hygrometer (our basement has flooded multiple times – gotta keep an eye out!). Long story short, they are a go-to brand. So that’s the “Govee” part of it.

Now, as for the Smart Wifi, as you can surmise, this unit can be connected to your home WiFi and then can communicate with your smartphone or tablet app. It can tell you the relative humidity in a space, it tells you when its reservoir is full, and you can set your humidity target and timing remotely.

Then the 50 Pint part of the name? That’s how much liquid it can clear in a 24-hour period when outfitted with the continuous drain hose (you can perch it in a tub or shower or by a sink, or you can rig up some crazy system thanks to your plumbing chops) or when you’re really diligent about dumping the 0.53-gallon reservoir. But for reference, I just dump ours once a day, and the space feels a hell of a lot less humid for it.

Set this unit for around 40 percent to 50 percent humidity, dump the tank every morning, and enjoy a drier, cooler, less odorous, and a potentially safer home, all thanks to a little workhorse of a dehumidifier that occupies about one square foot of floor space. Just be sure to wash the air filter now and then, and let the unit sit upright, unused, for 24 hours before you first turn it on (it’s in the directions). Aside from that, just don’t forget to dump that reservoir regularly, because you’ll grow used to this thing’s work right quick.

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